Eclipse plugin dissables Gradle nature

Hello Gradle users / team,

I do have the same issue as described in the old forum ( Basically if you run ‘gradle eclipseClean eclipse’ that rebuilds the Eclipse project but nukes the Gradle nature out of it. If you have many project (my case) it becomes a pain in the neck to re-enable the Gradle nature on each one of them.

There is a way to do this on the command line, without having to re-import the projects from scratch or enable the Gradle nature from within Eclipse?


you can tweak the natures of the generated eclipse project file using
the following snippet:

eclipse {
    project {
        natures 'some.extra.eclipse.nature',

Hello Rene, thanks for your quick reply.

You are right, that fixes the problem. Later on I also found a nice article with examples here, and the documentation is pretty clear about it.


thanks for sharing the link