Eclipse does not recognize resources that processResources produced via zipTree

I’m doing this in my build.gradle:

processResources {


} The contents of the jar shows up in build/resources/ (which is probably what’s supposed to happen), but it does not show up in Eclipse’s bin/ directory, so the application won’t find the files if it is started from the Eclipse debugger.

I can see several ways to tackle this, but what would be the standard way?

(Complication: This is in a project that’s a dependency of the main project, so the directory where the resources go needs to be among those exported by the Eclipse project.)

Nobody answered, so after a lot of muddling around, I found my own solution: This isn’t a use case for unpacking, this is a use case for simply adding a jar to the classpath like this:

dependencies {

compile files(‘lib/resource-containing.jar’)



Just in case somebody else asks this kind of question. (This doesn’t cover situations where you need to rename/rearrange resources though, so an answer to the original question would still carry value.)

Thanks for posting your answer back for others.