Java Plugin: jar task/processResources -- non-java files have gone missing

If I include some configuration files ( or applicationContext.xml for example) in my java source directory; these files go missing in the jar and are unavailable to dependent projects! I understand the javac will only process the .java files when compiling into classesDir but I thought that process resources was expected to copy the resources to somewhere. I do not have any resources directories at this time (everything is in the srcDir).

Documentation seems to indicate that the resources property of a SourceSet contains “The non-Java resources which are to be copied into the resources output directory.” but without any resource directory these files should still be placed into the jar.

Should i make a bug for this; or is this intended? Since this is a very valid way to store some config files (ie not having to enforce the “resources” concept) I expect that this is not as intended.

You just have to let Gradle know where your resource files are located. See Working with source sets in the user guide.