Eclipse: detect projects that are dependencies


(Stephan Krull) #1

I am searching a while now and did not find hope.

As a long time Maven and Eclipse (and therefore m2e) user I need to ask the following:

When I use Buildship Gradle and Eclipse and I have two (distinct, no multi-project) Gradle projects A and B. Where B has a dependency to A.

How can I achieve a project reference in Eclipse? I.e. when changing sources in project A the build of project B is using these changes?

I read about ProjectDependency: this seems to be implemented for multi-projects only.

I think about publishing the artifacts of project A on every run (probably to a local repository) and then use the conventional way of declaring “compile ‘’”. This would be consistent between Eclipse and Buildsystem (Jenkins). But … this is not comfortable.

I have hope that there are alternatives…

Some references from a colleague:
SO: Eclipse Gradle Workspace resolution referenced from Spring Tool Suite STS-2834
New Feature Outlook: Composite Build Support

The Composite Build Support sounds promising. I will give it a try.

Exciting new Buildship Features coming up
(Stefan Oehme) #2

Yes, composite build will solve that use case.