How to "connect", in Eclipse, two Grade projects that are not part of a Gradle multi-projects?

(sebtardif) #1

When using Maven, if I load a dependency as a project in Eclipse, it start automatically to use the loaded project, so that if I modify the dependency code in Eclipse the changes will apply immediately, it will even apply the code change to the runtime if my application/server was already started, in other words, Hotswap is also working.

But with Gradle, it seems we are stuck to have all dependencies been part of a giant Gradle multi-projects, which is unlikely feasible in most normal business application having a minimum of complexity. Think about it, it’s unlikely that you are the owners of all dependencies that your project is using.

I found a plug-in that try to resolve some of the issue but it doesn’t really work, and it also show warning that Gradle 2 doesn’t like some of its construct. The plug-in is called gradle-eclipselinkprojects, downloadable at ->

That issue is the worst I know about Gradle. It’s hard to justify using Gradle when we are used to seamless integration when using Maven.

Any plan to fill the gap with Maven and provide usable support for more than one projects in Eclipse?

(Toni Menzel) #2

IMHO this is really a matter of a proper eclipse plugin.

M2Eclipse was developed by Sonatype, the prime maven source. With gradle i am not so sure since the gradle support i know is either generating .classpath files from eclipse (will never scale) or using the strange springsource integration plugin. Something i never got comfortable with. I think its exactly that plugin that needs to be shaped towards M2Eclipse usability and function. This is not really an answer to your original question rather than: I do have the exact same problem…