Eclipse Buildship: missing required java project


(Ralph Espinola) #1

I have a multi-project workspace. With Maven I was able to close projects I was not actively working on, and the dependent projects would use the Jar of the closed projects. However with Gradle, the Jars are not used. I get an error stating “missing required java project” for all closed projects which are dependencies.

Is there a way for a project to resolve closed project dependencies with their Jar files?

(Donát Csikós) #2

Hi Ralph,

That is not possible at the moment: Buildship requires to have all projects from the build to be open in the workspace. We are aware of this missing feature but right now are blocked because of the higher priority features we need to work on, such as the composite build support or the Kotlin build script support.
Nonetheless, this features is listed in the open-source partnership opportunities post.