Does gradle-wrapper.jar ever change?

(Steve Cohen) #1

I have never paid much attention to gradle-wrapper.jar. Following the user’s guide, I generate the wrapper on a new project, check it into source control and forget about it. I don’t remember ever having seen a change made to the file, going back some months and a look at git history confirms this.

But a colleague has seen Eclipse tell him with it’s little ‘>’ indicator that something changed gradle-wrapper.jar. He’s shown me the screen shots of it. Probably running the wrapper task from buildship is what did it.

Is any of this important? Are there any gotchas to be careful of? Should you always run the wrapper task (as opposed to changing the distributionUrl property in Or can be gradle-wrapper.jar be considered for all intents and purposes to be stable?

(Stefan Oehme) #2

It rarely changes. We’ve occasionally done some bug fixing or performance tuning on it. Generally we recommend running gradle wrapper --gradle-version <version here> to upgrade.