Gradle-wrapper.jar differs with every new version. But has the code really changed? If not, try to prevent a checksum change

I’m in the same camp as Vampire over in the Wrapper update is only possible in two steps?. I even execute the ‘wrapper’ task three times for every new Gradle version, i.e. until the task announces UP-TO-DATE.

The rationale for this is that I’d rather not miss any changes in either the shell scripts or the ‘gradle-wrapper.jar’ code. It also ensures that the version configured in the wrapper task really corresponds to the version used in ‘’ - it essentially prevents dumb mistakes.

The problem is that ‘gradle-wrapper.jar’ is always changed (for every new version) after executing the tasks. I guess (but haven’t checked) that the changed checksum of the file is simply caused by some time stamp or version info somewhere in the file.

It would be nice to prevent this and ensure that the checksum only changes if there are really some code changes.

Granted, 49KB aren’t much. But they accumulate in the VCS repositories over time.

I agree and like this idea. 10 months passes but nothing changed… Developers?

example chain of commits of gradle-wrapper.jar, most of them are meaningless