Gradle wrapper 1.9 is downloading gradle-wrapper.jar in version 1.8

I recently updated my gradle wrapper task to version 1.9:

task wrapper (type: Wrapper) { gradleVersion = '1.9' }

When I run gradle wrapper the properties file is updated, but the jar remains untouched. Here is content from the file:


gradle-wrapper.jar states its version to 1.8 at date 24.09.2013

Even when I delete ‘gradle/’ folder the 1.8 jar is downloaded at wrapper execution.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance, Daniel

the gradle-wrapper.jar is created by the gradle instance used to create the wrapper scripts directly. It’s not downloaded from anywhere. Usually this just works fine. To ensure you get the gradle-wrapper.jar of 1.9 you would need to run the wrapper task using gradle 1.9

That makes sense. I use a multi module project and executed the wrapper task from rootProject where the gradle-wrapper version 1.8 is set. After I switched to 1.9 in rootProject the gradle-wrapper.jar gets updated.

Thanks for fast response!