Does composite build inspect the buildscript dependencies of included builds?

Hi guys,

Anyone knows if the buildscript dependencies from an included build are supposed to be inspected and substituted in a composite build?

For example, if I make a custom Gradle plugin project my-plugin, which depends on and invokes my another project my-codegen for code generation. And I have other two projects my-project-a and my-project-b both having my-plugin applied. my-project-a depends on my-project-b

When I have all four projects (my-project-a, my-project-b, my-plugin, my-codegen) locally checked out and forming a composite build using my-project-a as root, does my-project-b use the local my-plugin, my-codegen as well when running Gradle builds?

From what I can tell, only my-project-a correctly depends on the local my-plugin and my-codegen, however the my-project-b still pulls the plugin and codegen artifacts from the remote maven repo. Is this expected?


Yes that is expected. In a composite, each build still runs quite isolated. You would have to include my-plugin and my-codegen in my-project-b as well to have the local versions used there.