Gradle composite build excluding plugins

Hello, is it possible to have composite builds especially excluding plugin dependencies? As example: A gradle plugin which uses $dependency version 1.0, and a project using said gradle plugin and $dependency version 2.0.

As soon as I use a composite build for $dependency ( ./gradlew --include-build ../pathToDepend run ), both the plugins dependency and the project’s dependency will be overwritten by the version from the composite build.

In the concrete use-case that is a problem due to the plugin bootstrapping parts of itself, and breaking changes between the $dependency version used by the plugin and in the project.

I’ve pushed a minimal example to github.

A possible “workaround” right now is distributing the plugin with a fatjar and exec-ing said jar, but it’s an ugly one.

To sum this up: Is it’s possible to somehow only replace some version/scope of a dependency using composite builds?