Composite build functionality

Having read through some of the composite build docs ( my understanding is that I can run tests for linked projects.

In general, interacting with a composite build is much the same as a regular multi-project build. Tasks can be executed, tests can be run, and builds can be imported into the IDE.

That is, if I have a project A ‘including’ B if I invoke a build from A then I can expect tests to be run for both A and B?

That doesn’t seem to be my experience at the moment, I’m only seeing tests run for A and not B

Hi there.
Included builds don’t work that way. The tasks of A will not trigger similar tasks of B.
But, when A defines a dependency on some artifact produced by B (say implementation(“mygroup:b:1.0”)) then Gradle will resolve this dependency using the included build, thus calling B:jar for example.

However, if what you want is really running B:test if A:test is called, than you could define such a dependency explicitly, as is shown in the docs.