Cpp-unit-test VisualStudio integration

I’ve ran the visualStudio task for cpp/simple-library project from the native-samples-master repository (with gradle 5.1.X), then opened solution in VS 2017. The Solution Explorer shows only one project listDll with all the sources and headers from src/main folder. My question is about the src/test folder. How the test files should be/are going to be represented in VS? Will the visualStudio task eventually create another project under solution that runs the tests ? I have java background, so looking for something similar to test sourceSet and testCompile dependencies.

Thanks for the question @jvmlet. I will have a look at the behavior in the coming days.

It seems we aren’t adding CppTestExecutable to the generated solution and generating the project files. If this is an big issue for you, you could look at opening a feature request on gradle/gradle-native.