VisualCpp Solution and Project file generation not working for Visual Studio 2015

I installed Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 on my system (this is the first install of Visual Studio 2015) and attempted to build a gradle native project that was building correctly under Visual Studio 2013, but neither the build nor the generation of Visual Studio solution and project files is working with this version of Visual Studio.

I see that GRADLE-3313 has been created to address the newly-restructured SDK organization in Visual Studio 2015, but once GRADLE-3313 has been delivered, will that fix also address the generation of solution and project files?

The current symptom is that the VisualStudio tasks do not get created, so it is not possible to produce these files.

It depends on how involved the change to support VS2015 will be if both VS2015 support and VS2015 project generation support is delivered at the same time. It would be possible that we’d deliver a Gradle that supports VS2015 for building but not project generation. We wouldn’t call VS2015 support done until Gradle did both.

ok - is a separate issue needed for project generation?

If VS project generation just works after we add support for building with VS2015, then no.

If VS project generation requires additional changes, we would either leave the issue open or open a new one.