Composite builds using git repository in the include path


Question, is it possible to use a git repository url in the include path of a composite build ?
Something similar to wath JitPack does ?
I would like to have the ability in the settings.gradle to include a plugin stored in git the reason being is because Nexus have limited storage capacity and can purge old builds binaries from time to time.
So the settings.gradle would have something like:

pluginManagement {
    includeBuild '<user>/<repo>.git#tag'


Source dependencies might work, but they are an unfinished feature with many rough edges.

Or the includegit-gradle-plugin might work.

But both will most probably only work for project plugins, not for settings plugins I think.

Thank you @Vampire is there a feature request on a issue tracker for this I would like to up vote on this one.

Not that I know of one.