Composite build, can't use included artifact in buildSrc/build.gradle

I have a composite build which includes a plugin. Eg my-project/settings.gradle

includeBuild '../plugin'

This works well and allows me to use the plugin in my project. Eg my-project/build.gradle

buildscript {
   dependencies {
      classpath 'com.example:plugin:1.0-SNAPSHOT'
apply plugin: 'com.example.plugin'

But, if I want to do this in a a buildSrc/build.gradle it stops being able to find the artifact from the composite. Eg my-project/buildSrc/build.gradle

apply plugin 'java'
dependencies {
   compile 'com.example:plugin:1.0-SNAPSHOT'

I get the following error

Could not resolve all files for configuration ':my-project:buildSrc:runtimeClasspath'.
> Could not find com.example:plugin:1.0-SNAPSHOT.

I’m using Gradle 4.1

Just bumping this as hasn’t had a response in 5 days :slight_smile:

I think this is a bug, I’ve raised an issue here with a reproducable sample