Composite Builds include remote repository

(JaneLi) #1

Dear all,
I just tried to use the composite builds of the 3.1 version. It’s a great feature. And it can work very well when I used the local relative path as the include build path.
But now I want to include some remote repository for build (such as github repository). Does the composite builds feature support this? Or any other ways (except the Jitpack)?

Thanks a lot.

(Stefan Oehme) #2

Hi Jane,

the included builds need to be available locally. You could of course use something like git submodules or write some code that automatically checks out another repo for you.

If you don’t have a local version of something, then it should be fetched from a binary repository.


(JaneLi) #3

Hi Stefan,

yes we use submodules now. But it always causes some troubles for collaboration. Hmm… maybe we can consider using the binary repositories.

Thank you very much!:slight_smile: