Composite Build: build (clean) everything, including subprojects

Hey, well in document mentioned that

NEW: Treat :: as wildcard to mean “execute task in this project and all subprojects”

Which means that feature is under development and yet not included in release (correct me, if i’m wrong)
I’m using gradle 3.1 and I want to execute task on each included build and it’s subprojects. So the question is if on 3.1 version I have opportunity to do that. Thank you

No, this feature is planned for the future, but not included in 3.1

As a workaround, you can use delegating tasks like shown in the user guide and samples.

Right, and through
dependsOn gradle.includedBuilds*.task(":build")
But this will be applied to included build. How to include subprojects in build process?

That’s currently not possible I’m afraid.