'compile' confguration not found

I was getting a project built with latest Gradle (7.4.2) but get this error:

> Configuration with name 'compile' not found.

The project builds fine with Gradle 6.6.1.

Having done some searching, I learn that this due to having ‘compile’ configuration been deprecated and removed. Oddly, there are no references to ‘compile’ in any of the project’s grade files.

The message doesn’t tell me where exactly the ‘compile’ reference come from, even when I specify the debug and trace options. Could this be due to a transitive dependency; if so, how do I find out and what I can I do about it?


That isn’t the expected error message for a dependency that is incorrectly added to the removed compile configuration. You likely have a plugin that is still trying to do something with the compile configuration by calling configurations.getByName('compile'). You need to use the stacktrace option to see where it is being called from, not debug or trace logging.

Thanks for the pointer. It was the Google protobuf plugin; the problem appears to be sorted once I updated it to its latest version.