'java.lang.String org.gradle.api.tasks.SourceSet.getCompileConfigurationName()'

i cloned this project –GitHub - spring-projects/spring-authorization-server at 1.0.2 , then used gradle to build it . and always went run code “‘java.lang.String org.gradle.api.tasks.SourceSet.getCompileConfigurationName()’”;
Gradle 7.4.2
JVM: 17.0.6 (Oracle Corporation 17.0.6+9-LTS-190)
OS: Windows 11 10.0 amd64
please help me. thanks.

If I try to build the 1.0.2 state you linked to, for me it fails with not finding 'io.spring.ge.conventions:io.spring.ge.conventions.gradle.plugin:0.0.11', on main it builds just fine.