Buildship lib directory name / motivation / significance


I’m new to gradle if otherwise I’m long in the tooth re Java and stuff.

I installed Buildship into my Eclipse and used the Gradle plugin / wizard to generate my first (empty) gradle project.

What puzzled me is that the generated code is name and it is under lib/src/main/java.

Why it presumes I’m writing a library as opposed to an application or plugin or whatever?

Does this have any significance?

Can I change that lib/ to app/ or are the repercussions?

cheers Kusti

You probably selected you are building a lib, or if Buildship does not provide options it chose that option for you.
Actually you don’t even need to use a subproject if you don’t plan to have multiple projects in this build.
It is just the default generated structure so that you can easily add another subproject if you need it.
You can name it however you like, as long as you also change it in the settings script.

Thank you for the explanation. Yeah, Buildship has no option and does not mention that is creating the project for ‘lib’. I changed the name and edited script but there is also a reference in the hidden ‘.project’ file.

That’s probably updated by buildship if you sync the project.

Ah, found it, thanks, will have to test it.