Buildship 2.2.2 Project Heirarchy in Tasks View is not sorted

I have 3 levels of gradle projects in one build.gradle and when I turn off “Flatten Project Heirarchy” the sub-projects are not sorted. Has anyone else run into this? I looked at the outstanding bugs on GitHub and didn’t see anything that applied. I really like this view, but the lack of sorting makes it almost unusable.


It’s fixed in the upcoming 3.0 version. I encourage you to try the latest snapshot, it’s pretty stable.

Thank you, the 3.0 snapshot is much better. It puts the current project build folders at the bottom and the sub-projects above them. The sub-projects are not sorted though. Is there an issue I can comment on?

IIRC there’s no report on that. Feel free to open a new ticket.

Someone came along and fixed it in the latest snapshot. It is now meets my needs and exceeds my expectations.