Build cache node: health checking when uiAccess enabled?

We are running a Gradle build cache node on our own infrastructure (Kubernetes) using the docker image.

We would like to enable uiAccess so that authentication is required to access the web UI (so that the build cache can be available outside of our VPN).

However, we also need to designate a health-check path for a Kubernetes readiness probe so that Kubernetes can tell if the process is up or not.

Because there is no source available for this software, it’s hard to tell what paths are appropriate for health-checking. / requires auth when uiAccess is set. Is there a health-check URL that doesn’t require auth?

For now I’m hacking around it by using the path to the Gradle elephant logo (which probably will change whenever we upgrade) as a health check because static assets don’t appear to apply auth. Are there any other auth-free paths?

Hi @glasser,

The best one to use right now is cache-node-info/health

Keep in mind that this isn’t advertised and may change, but is unlikely to.

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Thanks! I’m sure it’s less likely to change than /assets/images/d60c50bd34ecb3b3c4ce1d633762e72f.gradlephant-outline.svg :slight_smile: