Build a RCP application with Gradle

Hi everybody,

I had developed a RCP application, based on EMF and Sirius for the GUI part.
I manually build this application with PDE, and it works well under Linux or Windows environment.

From now, I would like change this approach to introduce SCM, CI and use an automatic build & test.

The SCM should be Subversion or Git.
The CI should probably be TeamCity.
For the automatic Build & Test part, I was thinking to Gradle or Maven/Tycho, and RCP TestingTool (RCPTT).
Finally, I would like to adapt it to run on a SBC (raspberry pi2 like) which supports Linux Debian.

I have a lot of questions, but the first is:
In your opinion, does it have any technical incompatibilities in this project?

Any help should be welcome, as I am new in the Gradle’s world.
I appologized if my question may seem obvious…