Is it possible to generate a Tycho Pom?

(Michael Hoff) #1

Hello everyone, I am currently building an Eclipse RCP Application with Tycho, which has multiple subprojects. Because Gradle is the build tool of my choice I would rather handle the version management in Gradle, since not every sub project has the same version number and is worked on separately by different people. I know it is possible to generate a pom with Gradle, I just wanted to ask if there is a way I could give gradle for example the text of my Tycho Pom as a String and just change the version number to a $versionNumber variable, let Gradle generate the pom and then execute the build. Is there an easy way for this kind of pom generation?

Thanks in advance!

(conv) #2

Sad but true, gradle does not support building rcp apps out-of-the-box. Maybe you should go with maven.

(Andrey Hihlovskiy) #3

If you are still interested in finding the solution: today I released new gradle plugin, Wuff v0.0.1, which does it all - assemble OSGi/Equinox/Eclipse-RCP/Eclipse-IDE bundles and applications. It even supports multiple Eclipse versions and allows to easily switch to the desired version.

Source code and doc here:

Wuff artifacts are available at jcenter and maven central.