Blog post: Names in java, maven, and gradle

Am I the only one that named all my gradle plugins, and now after stepping back I feel a little silly? seems strictly better - the “id” is only ever used in the context of a gradle plugin anyway…

I collected my thoughts on this in a blog post.

Hi Ned.

Thank you for sharing your blog post here. I was fighting with the naming as well when I recently wrote my first Gradle plugin.
One reason why gradle might be useful as part of the plugin id is the folder structure which is generated when the plugin is deployed locally (mavenLocal) or remote.

├── com
│   └── acme
│       └── gradle
│           └── foo-gradle-plugin

Here it is somewhat useful to have a separation between different categories of projects. One could actually replace gradle with plugins to group all plugins in the same tree path.

Cheers, John

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