artifactoryPlugin not working after upgrading to 4.10


I recently made the big jump from Gradle 2.10 to Gradle 4.10.2. We have a really big system with about 90 modules so this was no small task. Anyhow, after thinking I got everything working right it turns out that there is a problem with the ArtifactoryPlugin that we use as part of our build process. We push our jars and apks to artifactory during the build. But this has stopped working since moving to the latest version of Gradle.

Our build is pretty complicated and we use a few custom plugins of our own. Its pretty hard to tell where the problem is. There is no standout exception, its just that the binaries aren’t being uploaded to artifactory now. I was using version 3.2.0 of the artifactory plugin originally. I’ve tried moving up to th elatest 4.8.1 but that made matters even worse (compile issues).

Was there some big change with this plugin? Any ideas how to track this down? It seems like the artifactoryPublish task just isn’t doing anything anymore. It only makes one attempt to publish the build info/descriptor for the project as a whole. There is no log output indicating that it is trying to upload the binaries for the sub projects.

The artifactoryPublish task is normally called by Jenkins CI. But I get the same behavior even when trying from the command line locally.

Thanks, Derek