Help with gradle artifactory

Hello, I am fairly new to Gradle and I have been having some problems getting it to interface with artifactory. Using gradle groovy.

Short version:
I need to tell Gradle to put a specific file into artifactory, but I can’t figure out how to do that.

Long version:

  • I inherited this project. I am in the process of moving it from Ant to Gradle, but it’s still a hacky work in progress.
  • I have an RPM created via a shell script (The project is a mess) I need to put in artifactory.
  • Currently, I have it writing something to artifactory, but all it’s doing is writing a blank file called “Build” under the “Api” folder (No idea where that is coming from? Some default I am guessing.)
  • The artifactory plugin expects a IvyPublish (Or MavenPublish) plugin to publish the artifacts
  • I cannot figure out how to get the RPM file published using those plugins. It just seems to not be working?
  • Please help

If you need code examples, let me know. This has been driving me up the wall, and all the online help assumes a sane gradle setup.

I know, not much of actual help, but did you consider reading the manual of the Artifactory plugin or asking their support for support?
The Artifactory plugin is a 3rd party plugin.