Allow Javadoc sourcepath to be set directly

(mike) #1

Currently the Javadoc sourcepath can only be set using options.addPathOption(‘sourcepath’, blabla). Other things, like classpath, bootclasspath, doclet, docletpath are all included in the CoreJavadocOptions. Since sourcepath is also a default Javadoc option, it should be included in the CoreJavadocOptions.

We need to set the sourcepath because we’re using GWT jars, which contain broken source files. Without a sourcepath the Javadoc tool will break on these jars, since it searches the whole classpath for sourcefiles.

(Luke Daley) #2

Good idea, raised as GRADLE-2778.

Would you be up for adding it?

(mike) #3

I’ll have a look and open a pull request if I find the time to fix it myself :slight_smile: