Wrapper downloading progress monitoring

When I used buildship to create or import gradle projects first time and selected “gradle wrapper(recommended)” option , it will download the specific version of gradle dist but I can not get any progress information about how large the dist is or how large it is downloaded or the speed of downloading so all I can do is : wait .
After searching , I know buildship calls the tooling api to download the dist and this process can not be controlled by buildship .
So , my question is : Is buildship team planning to add some wrapper downloading progress monitoring in new/import wizard IProgressMonitor(eclipse api class) ?

Thanks, Andy. It’s a good point that has been raised before. @donat, please create a BugZilla issue for this.

I created the issue: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=486627

thanks for your attention ! @etiennestuder @donat
watching this ticket.