Version for Gradle Wrapper in Eclipse Buildship


I am currently working with 2 projects in gradle.

In the first project I have ran the wrapper task, set the version to 4.0 in the, and checked in all of that to the project. When I import that project into eclipse using the buildship plugin, I select “use gradle wrapper” and it will properly use 4.0.

In the second project i have not ran the wrapper. When i import this project into eclipse using the buildship plugin and I select “use gradle wrapper”, it ends up building with 3.5.

Can anyone explain to me where it is getting this 3.5 version from? I only have one local install of gradle which is 4.0 and there are no other tasks defining 3.5 for the version.

Does buildship have some sort of version it defaults the wrapper to for builds that do not have the wrapper included in the project?

Windows 10
Eclipse Oxygen
Buildship 2.0.2

Thanks, Brian

If you don’t use the wrapper on your project and you didn’t select a specific distribution upon the import, then Buildship uses the default Gradle version defined by the org.gradle.toolingapi plugin, which is 3.5 in the latest release.

In the upcoming Buildship 2.1.0 release we changed this behavior so that you can define a default Gradle version in your workspace settings. We’ll publish the release early next week. If you don’t want to wait, you can try the latest snapshot.

Ok that makes sense. I will try out the snapshot option. Thank you.