Workaround for @Input List<String> args is not serializable

My source task extension contains a @Input List<String> args which Gradle 2.13 claims is not serializable:

Unable to store task input properties. Property ‘args’ with value ‘[a, b]’ cannot be serialized.

I have a found a workaround by looking at an older post:

class MyTask extends SourceTask {
    List<String> args
    List<String> getArgsWorkaround() {
        args.collect { it.toString() }

Is this a bug in Gradle?

Code demonstrating the problem here.

I cannot reproduce the serialisation problem with Gradle 2.13, so not sure what is happening on your side.

I would however like to mention that idiomatic-wise it is usually better to have annotations on getters rather than fields. See slides 9-14 of

(This is also described in more detail in the Idiomatic Gradle book).

Yes, I remember seeing that in the book. In my case, I can reproduce it every time (using Gradle 2.13 also). If I write is as three methods as you explain, the problem goes away.