Why isn't my gradle able to start? I'm new to using gradle. but the 'gradle' command in CMD (After setting up the correct path) fails

(Silvano vandewouw) #1


is a pastebin. i’ve ran normal, stacktrace info and debug. I have no idea what’s going on. I’m new to gradle etc. etc.

Anyway. I’ve already set the permissions of the entire gradle folder to administrator level. I’ve put the 2.0-gradle folder in program files and added ;[path to gradle] to the PATH like necessary. however, I can’t use the gradle command.

(Perryn Fowler) #2

Why are you trying to run gradle in the windows system folder? You want to run gradle in your project folder (that contains your build.gradle file)

(Silvano vandewouw) #3

They told me to run Gradle in a generic CMD folder to see if it was installed. I see what my moronic mistake was now though. My bad.