Why Gradle 7.5.1 will create an app folder for application type

The last time I generate a Java application with Gradle using gradle init, there will be a src folder created.

Now when I use gradle init, an app folder will be created and then the src folder will be inside.

When I import it into Eclipse, there will be 2 projects shown. test is the project folder and app is the source code folder

This is the screenshot for my configuration

And what is your question?

My question is, why the newer version of gradle will create an app folder. Because it causes 2 project to be imported into Eclipse.

What is the need for the changes? previously gradle only generate a src folder instead of a src folder inside of an app folder.

Iirc, this is made so you can easier add further subprojects like for generating documentation or having multiple modules for your build and so on. You can still just work with just the root project, but the init task is not able to generate it in that way anymore. But you can easily just move the things from in there one level up to have the same as before.

Oh I see, now I get it.