Is Gradle capable of generating the directories for the configured source sets?

Hello, for a IntelliJ-IDEA project I used “gradle buildSetup” command to generate a project. Then I loaded the project in my IDE and enabled the “java” and the “idea” plugins in my build.gradle file and then re-ran the “gradle idea” command. Now, I am finding that I apparently need to manually create the source set directories because the “gradle idea” command failed to do so. I am wondering if there is a task belonging to the “java” plugin that can generate these?

What is annoying about this is that, as a beginner, if I do not know what the src directory structure should look like, then I have to go look it up instead of being able to run one of the tasks revealed by “gradle tasks”.

I am hoping that I am overlooking the necessary command? Does everyone manually create their src tree?

I see that there is a document here that partially answers my question: