Why does this "change log" say that I "removed" my post?

This forum software seems really odd in a few places.

Yesterday I posted a question about a problem I’m having with a taskdef (“antContrib”). I haven’t gotten a response yet, but I’m hoping.

I noticed this “change log” thing, so I looked at that to satisfy my curiousity. I noticed the following entry:

20 hours ago
David Karr, the poster:
Removed Failing to load antContrib taskdefs by David Karr
Reason: removed by the poster

This is saying that I REMOVED the posting? I’m confused.

No idea, I don’t see a change log thing. Anyway, the post is still there, so all should be good.

Go to http://forums.gradle.org/gradle. A little bit under the “Continue” button there is a link labeled “see the change log”.