Why can't I resolve artifacts with groups like 'sun.j2ee', 'com.sun.xml', 'javax.xml'

I have a local Artifactory repository that I loaded with some artifacts in the groups in the title. When a build tried to resolve against them as direct dependencies, it failed to find them from a “gradle dependencies”, though it succeeded with all other dependencies in the same repo. When I redeploy into group “foo” and resolve to there, everything works. Deleting and redeploying into the problem groups doesn’t help.

It would be great if you can point me to the documentation that explains this. In particular, I want to know what else is on the list of zombie groups. My theory that there are “forbidden” groups is obviously just that - a theory - though a well-based one. I’m not even sure whether the issue is with Gradle or Artifactory. If you have ideas on how to troubleshoot, beyond what I’ve done, I’m all ears.

The following groups work fine (among others):






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We have an Artifactory repository with Maven layout and we have a bunch of modules under groups which you mention (‘javax.xml’, ‘com.sun.xml’, etc.) and we never had any issue resolving these with Gradle. So I do not believe there are restricted groups in Gradle. Why don’t you create a simple script that tries to resolve just 1 such dependency and provide the Gradle debug log - it should contain hints why this happens.

Did you follow my suggestion on SO to study the Gradle and Artifactory logs?