Gradle Artifactory plugin problem


I followed the configuration instructions from Everything works fine. All the needed external dependencies are downloaded correctly.

The problem is: I have to upload a 3rd party artifact (specifically the gwt-visualization-1.1.2.jar). So, in artifactory I created a new local repository, I uploaded the artifact using the following group+…+version configuration: I add this new local repository to the gradle virtual repository created. I am able to access this jar file using the URL (http://…/artifactory/gradle/com/google/gwt/google-apis/gwt-visualization/1.1.2) but when, for example, run gradle eclipse it shows me the following error.

Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance, Marco

ERROR: Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration ‘:my-webapp:compile’. > Could not find, module:gwt-visualization, version:1.1.2.

Required by: …

Hard to say from here. My best guess would be some mistake when uploading (e.g. no POM created) or misconfiguration of Artifactory (virtual repos, includes/excludes, etc.). One thing to do is to check the Artifactory logs, which are accessible via the web interface. If that doesn’t lead to anything, maybe the JFrog folks can help.


thanks for your reply. I was analysing the logs and I did not found any error when deploying the file to artifactory (artifactory.log). The strange thing is that while other external dependencies (such as vaadin) download appears in the access.log and request.log files to the one from the local repository (gwt-visualization-1.1.2.jar) it does not appears any kind of log. It seems that the request never reaches artifactory server. Best regards, Marco

Make sure to try with ‘–refresh-dependencies’. Even failed lookups are cached, 24 hours by default.

Thanks a lot for your help… It worked. Best regards, Marco