Where can I find documentation for implementing and deploying a testlistener?

We run about one million tests a month in different configurations and environments.

To track the state of a feature run in permutations of configuration and environment I want to be able to log the results of a test.

I figured the best way to do this is by creating a testlistener.

Does anybody have a pointer on where to find examples, tutorials or docs that will describe the whole process of taking a testlistener into use? Or can anybody point me away from the testlistener solution if there is a better one?

Here are the API docs for what I think you are most interested in:


A simple example would be something like:

test {

afterTest { descriptor, result ->

println “Test: ${descriptor.name}, Result: ${result.resultType}”



Thx. I already found the solution. I found a book on safaribooksonline which gave me the first pointer, and found the rest of the info on the web.