Adding outputListeners in a junit Test


I want to add a standardOutputListener to a task/project within a junit testcase. I do:


void testListenToSdtOut() {

def project = ProjectBuilder.builder().build()

project.tasks.add(name: ‘hello’) << {

println “running task”


Task task = project.tasks[‘hello’]

assert task

boolean outputCaptured

task.logging.addStandardOutputListener([onOutput: {line ->

println ‘output captured.’

outputCaptured = true

}] as StandardOutputListener)


assert outputCaptured


But my testcase stays red. I investigated within the sources that there is a NoOpLoggingManager that does nothing when I call ‘add*Listener()’ Is there a specific reason why this is done like this ? I think it would be nice if the Testcase could also listen to standard output messages from a task.

What do you think ?

thanks, detlef

PS - Im using milestone-8

‘ProjectBuilder’ is meant for lower-level tests that don’t execute anything. More comprehensive testing support for Gradle plugins is in the pipeline. Meanwhile, you can (with some effort) kick off a real build from your test (via GradleLauncher).

Hi Peter, thanks for pointing me to the right direction. GradleLauncher is fine for me.

Regards, detlef

You can find one example of how to do this here: