When using java-library-distribution plugin using includes filters the automatic lib directory which I need to reference

I’m using the java-library-distribution plugin. When I add the include filter, it no longer copies the lib directory. I thought that part of the plugin was to have that feature. I almost posted this as an issue but it could be a lack of knowledge on how to reference the lib since its “filtering to just what I’ve listed”, intended functionality.

Question is simple, wow do I reference the lib it was copying in? Any help is appreciated.

//version information Gradle Version 1.8 Build time:

2013-09-24 07:32:33 UTC Build number: none Revision:


//code snippet http://pastebin.com/Ph1puLLe

Rather than adding a global include, you can target it to ‘scripts’:

contents {
    from(scripts) {
        include 'script.sh'

Does this solve your problem?

Yes, it does. Thank you very much. It makes perfect sense now that I see the solution.