Is it possible to configure the java-library-distribution lib directory name

When I generate my distZip with the new java-library-distribution plugin, it places the dependencies in ./lib in the zip file. Is it possible to customize the name of the directory it places those in?

Also, does this plugin have the ability to include all of the normal dependencies into a library-distribution or does it only support manually specifying .jars (as the Gradle documentation suggests) ???

For example:

apply plugin: 'java-library-distribution'
dependencies {
    runtime files('libraries/a.jar')
   // how do I specify "all" runtime dependencies here?
distribution {
    name = 'MyLibraryDistribution'

If I am understanding you correctly, are you asking if you can pull in dependencies from repositories? If so, then yes, I believe it takes any artifacts in your runtime configuration and places them in the lib directory of the zip that is created.

More specifically, check out Example 44.4 here:

You can also define project dependencies in a multi-project setup:

runtime project(':path:to:project')

I tried your suggestion and it didn’t work for me. I will experiment more later though and hopefully figure it out.