When deleting a top-level Gradle Project in Eclipse, subprojects should be deleted as well

When an existing Gradle Project is imported into Eclipse, subprojects now appear as Eclipse projects nested beneath the top level project. This is intuitive and good.

But when the top-level project is deleted, the subprojects are not, belying the visible nesting. It is possible to delete them all at once, but the top level project and all subprojects must be selected in order to do so.

It would be a good thing if deleting the top-level gradle project would delete the subprojects as well. I realize that Eclipse limits what the Buildship team can do - but you continue to make progress so maybe this can go on the list.

The reason I am picking what might be considered a nit, is that I am making changes to a large number of Gradle projects. Because Buildship updates all projects in Eclipse when one is added (another issue for me) and this can be quite time-consuming, I find it essential to import a project, build, test, and commit my changes, and then delete the project from Eclipse so that time-consuming waits are not encountered.