What is the new way of setting my JUnit report output directory?

What is the new way of setting my JUnit report output directory?

I used to do this in Gradle 1.5 but there is now a nag log message saying I can’t use this syntax in Gradle 1.7rc1:

testReportDir = file("${reporting.baseDir}/FrameTestIE")
 testResultsDir = file("${buildDir}/test-results/FrameTestIE")

I tried this and it doesn’t work for me since the “reports” object is not accessible :

// for testResultsDir

It’s ‘test.reports’.

Peter, I am sorry, but I couldn’t find any specific information on the object returned from “test.reports”.

I see deprecation messages now, at this URL but it is still unclear to me what an example of setting the html report output folder would look like:



reports.junitXml.destination = “$buildDir/integration-test-results”

reports.html.destination = “$buildDir/reports/integrationTests”

Thanks Heri. That was it, and it worked. The 1.7 documentation says nothing about this. I found a “hint” but it is really vague:

from section 23.12.5

reports.html.enabled = false

I still haven’t figured out how to get code completion working in my build.gradle on Eclipse Kepler.