Integrate ant junit generated test-results in gradle test html report

Is there a way to integrate ant jUnit results into gradle test report? I tried with TestReport task. But it seems it depends on “binary” files which are not generated when I run tests using ant.JUnitTask. ( I am using ant.JUnitTask to run tests from jars)

test <<
      //run ant junit task with reports stored in $buildDir/test-results
        //after ant junit completion and "test" task completion,
       //how can I get the gradle generated html report include the above test-results?
task getReport( type: TestReport ) {
        reportOn tasks.test, files("$buildDir/test-results/binary/test")

I don’t think there is a way to go from the XML test results to the HTML report. I think your best chance is to extract the test Jar and run the tests with Gradle’s ‘Test’ task.