What is the difference with `gradle build` and using Buildship to build?

Hi there, I am a vim user and try to set up vim + coc-java recently, and my company is using Gradle to build the project. The problem is, there is a project which can be built by ‘gradle build’, but if I use vim + coc-java to open it, it would throw an exception (caused by our internal Gradle plugin). I really want to solve this problem, but the Buildship project is too complicated for me, so I want to start with simple questions:

  1. How can I reproduce the error that occurs when I use vim + coc-java to open the project (coc-java uses eclipse.jdt.ls as the lsp, and eclipse.jdt.ls use buildship to build gradle project)
  2. How to check if buildship could build a certain project successfully?