We need your help trying out Gradle 2.0-rc-2!

(Szczepan Faber) #1

We have just released Gradle 2.0-rc-2. It is extremely helpful if you try out this release candidate with your build, especially if you haven’t done this already with 2.0-rc-1. This way we can get 2.0 out quicker and with better quality. Getting 2.0 out of the door enables us to focus on all the cool new features planned for you in 2.1 (incremental java compilation is coming).

Get your build use this Gradle now: http://www.gradle.org/release-candidate It’s just a small change in your wrapper properties.


(Jörn Huxhorn) #2

My usual three projects build fine but GRADLE-3076 (a regression introduced in 1.12) is still a pain on our build server. We have a workaround, but still…

(m.ruegamer) #3

Everything works well. Great job.

(david koch) #4

I had the problem with gradle-1.12 and Java 8 to get scala projects to be build due to some issues with scaladoc task. This has vanished with gradle-2.0-rc1 and rc2.


(Dimitar Dimitrov) #5

The groovydoc task does not work anymore for projects that depend on ‘groovy’ and not on ‘groovy-all’. See my post from few days ago for details how to reproduce.