Way to customize the ivy.xml file uploaded

I’ve previously used the MavenDeployer class (and its method getPom().withXml()) to customize POM files prior uploading to a repository.

However I need to do the same thing but when uploading an ivy.xml file. Is there a way to customize the ivy.xml file prior uploading ? Is there a similar callback to customize the Ivy descriptor ?

Constraint: I’m currently using the ‘old’ publishing mechanism and I can’t really switch to the new incubating ‘ivy-publish’ plugin for the moment.

Hey Francois,

unfortunately there is no such hook in the old publishing. That was one reason to go with a new approach :wink:

Out of curiosity, what is blocking you from using the new ivy-publish support?

Thanks Rene for the confirmation.

I think I’ll have to switch to the new publish plugin. I wanted to defer this switch as long as possible because

  1. The feature is still incubating. I wanted to start using it once it’s been stable
  2. I’m already rolling out a lot of small changes to our internal builds and I wanted to avoid a big bang approach where developers will be lost. I initially thought that this change could be postponed

But it looks like I don’t really have a choice.