Use additional GCC tools from toolchain

What is the best way to locate additional tools from a given GCC toolchain? Obviously GccPlatformToolChain provides easy access to the main binaries like gcc and g++, but I would also like to locate objcopy and strip for stripping unneeded symbols.

I wrote a basic plugin that facilitates this, but I’m using a fairly crude method of searching the toolchain bin directory, and I invoke the tools with Exec tasks. Useful snippet below, full plugin at GitHub. Is there any better way to do this?

private File findGccTool(NativeToolChain toolChain, String toolName) {
    if (!(toolChain in Gcc)) return null

    def tools = []
    toolChain.path*.eachFile { tools << it }
    return tools.find { == toolName ||"-${toolName}")