Defining a custom native toolchain

Hi there

I’m trying to find out how I can use a custom toolchain, depending on a build type or flavour.

I’ve found snippets e.g. under how to overwrite the executables used, but it seems for 2.2.1 this doesn’t work anymore.

What would be the “right” way to define a custom toolchain? And how would I be using it depending on the build type?

Thx for any hints!


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In the meantime, I got a bit further, but ultimatley it’s still not working …

I have the following in my build.gradle:

model {

platforms {

x64 {

architecture “x64”


ST31 {

architecture “arm”



toolChains {

gcc(Gcc) {

target(“x64”) {


target(“ST31”) {

cCompiler.executable = “c:/tools/arm/bin/armcc.exe”





But with the used ARM compiler, unfortunately I get

Execution failed for task ‘ST31HelloExecutable’.

No tool chain is available to build for platform ‘ST31’:

  • Tool chain ‘gcc’ (GNU GCC): Could not determine GCC version: armcc.exe produced unexpected output.

So it looks the compiler isn’t GCC-compatible :frowning:

Is there any way at the moment to plug in a non-GCC-compatible compiler?